Lessons & classes

Group Classes


Both singles and couples learn steps, patterns and proper lead and follow.  Salsa, Waltz, Nightclub Two-Step, Swing, and Tango are just a few of the popular dances couples and singles learn in our group classes.  Our class schedule changes at the beginning of every month, so check our current Schedule and come in and try a class.

Private Lessons


A focused program to set goals, learn proper footwork and correct body alignment.  Private lessons offer a comfortable environment to take on personal dance challenges, set realistic goals, and learn at one’s own pace.  Private lessons are great for singles or couples that want to accelerate learning or prepare for a special occasion and dancers that need coaching for competition or showcase events. 

Practice Parties


An important part of learning proper dance etiquette, direction on the dance floor and a chance to apply what has been learned.  Socializing, laughing, making new friends and wonderful memories, while listening to great music and striving to be a better dancer, is what makes these events an enjoyable part of the learning process